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March 21, 2024

“Around the World” : Australia

Evolving Landscapes: Sustainable Mobility in Australia

Our exploration of global mobility brings us to Australia, a country not traditionally in the limelight for sustainable transport but now advancing towards greener mobility.

✨ With government-led strategies and private sector partnerships, Australia is nurturing carpooling culture. Policy incentives are complemented by infrastructure upgrades such as dedicated lanes and the digitalization of carpooling via platforms, aiming to embed sustainability into the daily commute.

🚗 Data reveals cars are still the primary transport means, with 52.7% of Australians driving alone to work in 2021, marking a slight improvement from 61.5% in 2016. The data underscores the potential for carpooling to address the challenges of high car dependency.

🛤 Shifting to eco-friendly transport models presents hurdles, including critiques of the Australian government reliance on hired vehicles, which may seem at odds with the push for a sustainable transition. It underscores the need for an all-encompassing adoption of green practices.

💧In the realm of community-driven solutions for shared mobility, initiatives like Karpool are making steady progress. Operating within Australia and New Zealand, Karpool provide a structured yet flexible system for parents to coordinate shared rides for school and extracurricular activities with trusted networks. Such local efforts are essential steps in nurturing a more collective approach to daily transportation.

🌱 Incremental changes signal the nascent phase of an overhaul in Australia’s mobility sector. Persistent efforts are key to fostering a robust culture of shared transportation.

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Article written by :

Zaccharie Ben Dhia, Karos Mobility


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