Much more than a carpooling platform, a smart mobile app!

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How does Karos Mobility work?

Step 1

Download the app and discover your matches

Karos Mobility’s technology suggests carpool trips adapted to users’ daily mobility habits.

Step 2

Choose your favourite carpooling proposal.

Our carpooling app offers door-to-door optimized and intermodal trips.

Step 3

Validate the trip and carpool!

Once the trip has been confirmed, carpoolers just have to follow the route proposed by the app.

State-of-the-art technology to create matches efficiently

Karos Mobility has developed a unique set of technologies based on artificial intelligence and geolocation, to match the best possible carpooling partners.

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Our algorithms calculate door-to-door itineraries including time of meeting, optimized pick-up location, and combination with other modes of transportation (pulic transport, carpool areas…).

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Thanks to machine learning, Karos Mobility’s technology is taking into account user preferences to improve the quality of the matching (acceptable detour for the driver or walking time for the passenger, driver’s favorite route…)

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Finally, our technology is able to learn mobility patterns and even predict future trips, to make the carpooling experience as smooth and accurate as possible.

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Integration with
public transport

At Karos Mobility, our vision is to transform empty seats into public transport. To achieve it, we integrate carpooling with local public transport networks

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  • Intermodal calculator integrated into the app
  • Possibility for passengers to have matches combining carpooling with the main local transit lines
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Pricing integration

  • Price of carpooling aligned with the price of a bus ticket
  • Zonal pricing automatically detected
  • Exclusion of 100% of trips competing with public transport
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Ticketing integration

  • Carpooling included in the transit pass (upon request from the Local Transportation Authority)
  • QR code generation to be used both for carpooling and taking the bus
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When we work with territories, we open our deep-link API to connect to local MAAS

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Let’s get
in touch!

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