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We first started our Karos Mobility adventure in France in 2014, where we gradually established ourselves as the preferred solution for companies and territories thanks to our cutting-edge technology and the support provided to our clients.

Over the past years, we have succeeded in setting up a dynamic carpooling network throughout France and we have developed several hundred partnerships.

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The Federation of Danish motorists (FDM) is an association that provides services (insurance, assistance, hotlines…) to car owners in Denmark.

From 2021, Karos licences its technology to FDM, and supports the FDM Team by sharing best practices and methodologies learned from our experience in France.

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In only a few months, we built a strong carpooling network in Denmark.

Karos deploys its technology in Denmark under the white-label brand Ta’Med (which can be translated as “come with!”). With carpooling, FDM wants to target two key problems of car mobility: road congestion and CO2 emissions. The majority of Danes go to work by car, and daily commuting around cities is responsible for a large amount of CO2 emissions and pollution, as well as congestion. At FDM, they are convinced that carpooling has the potential to reduce the number of cars on the road and tackle these two issues, that’s why they decided to give it a go!

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We are proud that FDM can play a major role in the development of carpooling. With this collaboration, FDM brings French technology and experience to Danes, for the good of Danish society.

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Stina Glavind


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Since September 2022, Karos has launched its activities in Germany via the acquisition of the local start-up goFLUX.

Our local German team is in charge of deploying our offer for corporates and territories, and creating a community of regular carpoolers. They are already active in several Länders, and are collaborating with many employers willing to provide a sustainable mobility option to their employees.

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How time flies! In August 2022, we launched the goFLUX Mobility ride-sharing app in Bonn. After just two months, more than 1500 people have registered. In addition, more than 1200 carpools have been carried out. Twelve institutions such as the University Hospital Bonn are now on board and are making history with us in terms of sustainable mobility. We know of no project in Germany that has been able to achieve this success in such a short time. Particularly important for Stadtwerke Bonn: The SWB Bus und Bahn service has already saved more than 3,400 kilograms of CO2.

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Anja Wenmakers

Executive Director at Stadtwerke Bonn Verkehres GmbH

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The Rocher group wanted to offer a greener alternative to the solo car usage and carpooling is one of them. Karos was the short distance carpooling application that offered the most suitable home-work proposals. The Karos teams were present on our site from the start and were very dynamic. During this first on-site promotion, we obtained almost 200 downloads and many people were using the application the very next day.

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Aude Vignaud

Safety and Environment Manager at Rocher Group

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The Versailles Hospital Center decided to launch this carpooling service to address several issues such as: the lack of parking spaces but also difficult access to public transportation, especially on night shifts or staggered hours such as those of health professionals. The results obtained are encouraging, with an average of more than 200 journeys made per month.

Sonia Gibon

Directorin of Logistics Purchasing at the Versailles Hospital Center

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